With integration of 4 languages: English, German, Turkish, Russian and the trip distance tool, search engine and offline mode with reduced map zoom levels so that it can be used out in the sea.


With integration of 3 languages: English, German, Italian and the trip distance tool, search engine and offline mode. The database shows not just restaurants and bays, but also buoyfields, fuel stations and ferry piers.


Aerial views

Restaurants & more


All our places have been visited by us.

  • Restaurants

    Descriptions are done according to the motto "the truth well told". There should be always a bit more than average. From luxury to basic we try to find good food.

  • Anchorage / Buoy Fields

    We do not show all anchorage, but the most interesting. The Croatian App has all official buoy fields with contacts.

  • Not only for sailors

    The app's content is also very helpful for individual travellers, showing also ancient sites in turkey and ferry piers in croatia.

Plan your trip and let the app calculate automatically distances!

High class photography is essential for the app, it is a picture book including excellent aerial shots which helps the sailor to get a realistic impression of the sailing ground.

Some travellers use the app as a restaurant guide, but its database contains also marinas, bays, ancient sites and more.

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find your place and STAY Private!

Bayexpress is not designed for the crowds. We do not collect any data with the app or even with this web site. The only interest we have is to share our knowledge with interested people and to stay private when travelling.